We make better health

Introducing research center

NEO CREMAR strives to contribute to the growth of food industry with
the best quality and stability

We are “NEO CREMAR Functional Food Research Center” contributing to the growth of food industry and enhancement of people’s health.

Founded in 2012 with a goal of becoming a globally competitive top-class corporation, NEO CREMAR Functional Food Research Center received the nation’s
first-ever “Certificate of Excellent Corporation R&D Venter” in 2017 based on its superior technology and R&D capabilities, and will continue to secure
global competitiveness through continuous R&D investments and procurement of excellent research manpower.
Based on development of functional sugars, we develop not only the three major nutrients of protein, carbohydrates, and fat but also a variety of functional
food materials beneficial to our health. By developing products of the best quality and stability, we strive to become a top-class company trusted by clients
and contribute to the growth of the food industry.

Primary tasks

Research center responsibilities

Quality enhancement

Research to enhance products for health without maintaining the status quo

New product development

Product development and research to create new markets and contribute to health

Securing of technology

Basic, fundamental research to secure source technology and applied technology

Process development

Research to develop optimized processes to commercialize new food materials

Industry-University-Institute cooperative technical development

Research to develop various technology through Industry-University-Institute networking