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Toll Processing

By professionally handling food, food additives and food ingredients of
functional health products and etc., customized materials are
developed to establish OEM and ODM methods.

Introducting Products

  • NEO CREMAR professionally handles food, food additives and food ingredients of functional health products, etc., and develops customized functional materials to establish OEM / ODM methods.
  • OEM(original equipment manufacturing): Entrusted manufacturing of finished products and brand names requested by the orderer
  • ODM(original development manufacturing): A form of ordered production method in which, once the orderer entrusts manufacturing of products with a manufacturer, the manufacturer then develops and produces the goods that are delivered to the orderer who then distributes and sells the products. This method provides services of the entire process from planning and development to production and quality management of the finished products.

Product Characteristics

  • Remanufactured development customized for each material
  • Investigation of biological functions by utilizing experts
  • Scientific verification through intellectual property rights acquisition
Materials research -Sourcing concept ingredients
-Reference literature study
Standardizing products -Production process research
-Product standardization
-Quality management
-Product quality enhancement research
Remanufacturing development tailored to each material -Developing jelly-type
-Developing powder-type
-Developing beverage-type
-Developing candy-type
Investigating of biological functions by utilizing experts -Functions research by utilizing professors from Korean and international universities
Scientific verification through acquisition of intellectual property rights -Discovered biological functions explained and published in research papers and patents