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This functional oligosaccharide product can be safely
consumed and resolves constipation.

Introducting Products

  • DuOLIGO is a functional oligosaccharide that can be safely consumed and resolves constipation and
  • Also a Dual-Type constituted of lactulose and galactooligosaccharide, and an innovative food material that may be conveniently applied to various product groups.

Product Characteristics

  • Synergetic effect of bowel movement and bowel function improvement
  • Constipation alleviation effect of lactulose: Increases osmotic pressure within the intestines to help bowel movements
  • Intestinal condition improvement effect of galactooligosaccharide: Used selectively for beneficial bacteria within human body and improves intestinal conditions by suppressing the growth of pathogenic viruses
  • Improves skin wrinkle
Product name Properties & state Non-GMO Allergen Gluten free (if applicable) Certification Brochure
Organic certification Halal Kosher
DuOLIGOⓇM Liquid Milk (lactose) - In progress Scheduled Link