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Cyclodextrin syrup

An innovative material that has prebiotic effect, Cyclodextrin,
at the same time improves organic functions

Introducting Products

  • Neoligo contains rich isomaltooligosaccharide and Cyclodextrin which improves food's organic functions and is an innovative material due to its prebiotics effect.

Product Characteristics

  • Stable Cyclodextrin syrup with no white residue nor crystallization
  • Gentle sweetness
  • Increased persistency of flavor and taste
  • Used for deodorization and masking of the food
  • Prebiotics material
Product name Properties&state Non-GMO Allergen free
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
Certification Brochure
Organic certification Halal Kosher
Korea China
Neoligo Colorless, used for
deodorization and masking
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