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CEO Greetings

Global functional food corporation, NEO CREMAR Co., Ltd.
Thinking about people and pursuing health beyond just food

Hello, this is Kim, Jae-hwan,

We are a professional enterprise in functional foods, having supplied ingredients of functional foods beneficial to our body to both domestic and overseas markets for nearly 20 years since the foundation in 1999.

As the aging population grows and Korea, as a nation, has entered an economically abundant society; people’s interests in the quality of their life have continuously increased and, simultaneously, food is no longer a mere source of energy or satisfaction of personal preferences, but has become a necessary element that provides various functions to our daily lives. From this perspective, interests in excellent and safe functional foods have been rapidly increasing recently and, for this, it has become a requirement to properly select sustainable ingredients, establish food processing facilities and manufacturing processes that can even prevent cross-contamination, select suitable storage methods, and execution of continuous quality management from storage of ingredients to delivery.

For more than two decades, we have conducted independent research activities to successfully develop outstanding functional materials such as low-molecular yeast hydrolysate that helps weight control, high-purity galactooligosaccharide that aids skin health, and palatinose syrup that helps blood sugar control and, by establishing a new plant in 2018, have set up a foundation to supply such outstanding functional materials with more superior quality in a safer, more stable manner.

Based on this, we will continue to strive to grow as a professional functional materials corporation trusted in not only domestic but also global market. We always thank all of you who show us a great level of faith and interests..

Kim, Jae-hwan